Tersigni Ltd. is a company created with the goal of following up products during technological industrial processes, based on the experience and professionalism acquired during its 30-year history. Besides human capacity, we use the appropriate tools necessary for the task that we are assigned.

Tersigni Ltd. takes care of all aspects of product development until the production itself, assisting national and international clients. This assistance is provided with earnestness and consistency, with frequent updates about the specific actions undertaken.

The areas of work are the following:
– Client management
– Auditing of clients’ products
– Acceptance control for product arrivals
– Support to foundry products (profusion)
– Recovery of porous materials / impregnation
– Resident expertise in FPT plants
– Visual selection and instrument selection
– CLS1 and CLS2
– Quality selection though basic and complex visual and instrumental inspections
– Warehouse services

We provide services of nonconforming product selection, with daily, weekly and monthly detailed reports. Selection services are carried out until the shipment of nonconforming materials.

We provide assistance services for material programming as requested by FPT to its clients, acting as intermediaries between FPT its national and international clients, facilitating relations and all associated issues.