Tersigni Ltd originated from the love and the 30-year experience of its Director, Pasquale Tersigni. The policy of the company aspires to develop its competitive market position and support an organizational management that aims at improving efficiency of industrial processes, with a specific focus to qualitative processes. These aims are adopted by the Tersigni Ltd team through specific strategic guidelines resulting into a high level of quality and efficiency in the execution of its activities.

These prerequisites have allowed for a constant growth of the company, which now manages a warehouse of 1000 sq.m. and carries out support and product consultancy activities as resident company, operating daily within the FPT plant.

Tersigni Ltd. supports a strong organizational professionalism within a working environment characterized by continued training and constant formative update of its staff, aimed at achieving top level know-how but above all focused on developing capacity for individual staff and the team as a whole, to encourage a collaborative approach towards continuous improvement.